TRS3122E: About estimation of power consumption

Part Number: TRS3122E



Regarding to estimation of power consumption at 32Kbps on TRS3122E, my customer is asking some question.

They are referring below characteristic(datasheet page6,Figure 1) for power consumption.


(1)About supply current (Y-axis) in Figure 1.

Does it mean current on VL(Logic-level supply) or Vcc(supply voltage)?

(2) They understand as following about Figure 1.

Driver2 is on 32Kbps and it means the supply current of Driver1 each 250/500/1000kbps.

If so, how does the receiver power consumption estimate?

Can the drive current of receiver estimate as power consumption ?

(3) Do you have the supply current data at 32kbps on Figure 1?




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  • Tao,
    To answer your questions:
    1) the data from Figure 1 is supply current;
    2) comparing to the driver, the receiver has very small power dissipation; The power of the driver depends on the load (capacitor) and the data rate.
    3) under what condition does your customer need the power data? Vcc, VL, Ch1 - data rate/R load/C load, Ch2 - data rate/R load/C load?
  • In reply to Hao L:

    Hello Hao,


    Thank you for reply.


    I’m asking about some conditions at 32kbps to my customer.

    About the supply current which you mentioned,

    >1) the data from Figure 1 is supply current;

    It means the current of Vcc(supply voltage).

    My understanding is correct?

    I ask about it just in case.




  • In reply to Tao_2199:


    Yes. The data is the Vcc current. Please let me know when you get more details about 32kbps communication.