• Resolved

MAX3232: MAX3232 charge pump cap value , When VCC is 3.3V

Part Number: MAX3232

In data sheet of MAX3232  C1,C2,C3,C4 values are 0.1uF when VCC is 3.3V.

When VCC is 3.3V, Can we use 0.33uF of C1,C2,C3 and C4?

We want to  directly replace the competitor vevice with MAX3232. but cap values are different.


  • Hi Philip,

    I don't know of any issues related to larger capacitor values, especially within such a small range (0.1 uF to 0.33 uF). It may just take slightly longer for the caps to charge. You should make sure the VCC decoupling capacitance is at least as large as C1 to minimize the ripple introduced by the charge pump.

    Which competitor device is used? I was curious since I typically see 0.1 uF as the default recommendation for other pin-to-pin compatible solutions.