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AN-917 states RS232 to RJ45 pin outs

Pin 8 is Request to Send/Ready for Receiving which means RTS or DSR . Do you have any system design with such functionality using 8 line for modems connections. As i have seen on other blogs RI and DSR is merged as RI is used for dial up modems alone.

  • Hi Anusha,

    RI and DSR generally have different functions, so it isn't clear to me how they could be merged. If you do not plan to connect to a dial-up modem, it may make sense to just leave RI disconnected instead since there will be no need for ring indication. (Even if a dial-up modem is used, you may be able to avoid using RI and instead use the other data lines to communicate the modem status to your DTE.)

    I may be misunderstanding your question, though - if so, please let me know.