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TUSB8041A: Default Configuration as USB 3.0 Hub with Independent Battery Charging

Part Number: TUSB8041A


I have read on the forum link below that the TUSB8041A will work as "a USB3.0 Hub with its default values, there is no need to do any extra configuration through OTP or I2C." 


Under the default configuration will it also have individual power support for each port (full power-managed)? In the datasheet's example application (section 9.2), it has the device configured for individual power support (not ganged power) with each port's power being monitored by a TI TPS2561 which allows up to 2.2A for each port. 

Is it necessary for the device to be in Automatic mode (pin 45 = 0) to charge port devices without the upstream device plugged in? I believe from the datasheet it is not necessary. It states that when "Automatic mode is disabled; only Battery Charging DCP and CDP mode is supported."  DCP and CDP imply that charging can be done without an upstream device correct? 

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    Hi Erik,

    The setting of automode only impacts which charging modes the hub supports when the upstream port is disconnected. If automode is disabled, only DCP is supported when the upstream port of the hub is disconnected. If automode is enabled, additional charging modes are supported when the upstream port of the hub is disconnected.

    Please note that CDP mode is the charging mode supported when the upstream port of the hub is connected, regardless of the setting of automode.

    Also, to enable charging mode on a port the related PWRCTLxBATENx must be pulled high at power on reset.

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