HD3SS460EVM-SRC: with TPS65982 for Displayport to USB-C monitor adapter..

Part Number: HD3SS460EVM-SRC

Hi all,

I am a bit new to the world of USB Type-C, but I am trying to prototype a Display Port GPU to USB-C (Displayport alternate mode) Monitor adapter. I am trying to use a MacBook or Desktop Computer as the Displayport and USB source and the LG Ultrafine 4k as the USB-C destination.

I purchased the HD3SS460EVM-SRC overlooking the fact it is passive and needs a cc controller so I have purchased the TPS65982, I am wondering how I go about linking the two? I have read online that the TPS65982 has booster pack. I am wondering if the pinouts are compatible or whether I need to use jumpers and if so which pins I need to link to have the TPS65982 negotiate a Displayport alt mode connection for the HD3SS460EVM-SRC.

Any help would be greatly appreciated..