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TX517EVM: Does TX517EVM both transmits and receives signal?

Part Number: TX517EVM

Dear TI community,

We would like to use TX517 in our new device and I would like to verify the following statements:

  • Does TX517EVM both transmits and receives signal? I know that we can transmit signal using TX517EVM, but can we also receive the echo of the transmitted signal? 
  • I read in this link (e2e.ti.com/.../401398) that we also need TX810 attached to the output of TX517. I would like to know if TX810 is necessary or not? I'm asking because this (e2e.ti.com/.../587094) suggests this architecture:  TX517 -> transducer -> AFE58XX -> TSW1400
  • We're would like to create a sonar system using the following architecture. Please let me know if what we are doing is the recommended practice by TI. 

I appreciate your precious time to reply to this question.

Thank you,