TXS0108E: Can I use this device for level translating active low RST#

Part Number: TXS0108E

1) In my design, in the initial condition, there should be a minimum delay of 300uS between VCC HIGH and rising edge of RST#.

Can I use TXS0108e for level shifting 1.8V RESET# to 3.3V by adding a 51k pull down resistor at the output side?

There are three devices(2xNOR flash and 1xoneNAND) to which RST# is given. Will this work as expected? Should I use TXB0108 instead of TXS01008?

2) Also, I am using TXB0108 for level shifting 1.8V ADDRESS and DATA to 3.3V level. Will this be able to drive all the three devices?