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LSF0102: Could LSF0102 support 5.25V I/O with Vref_B =4.2V?

Part Number: LSF0102

Hi Sir,

Could LSF0102 support 5.25V I/O?

We have an application that need a bi-directional level shifter 1.8V -- 5.25V level shifter.

The 5.25V is a signal coming from another board and it have a pull up resistor on that board.

On my design system, there is only 4.2V power, so we could only provide 4.2V to Vref_B and 1.8V to Vref_A.

On the LSF0102 spec, it says that the VIO Max is 5V, so I think we might not be able to support this application, but I would like to check with you.

Also the Max of Vpu is Vref_B and on our design, the Vref_B is 4.2V while the Vpu is 5.25V.

If you have better fit solution, please also advise.