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CD4504B: CD4504B-EP

Part Number: CD4504B

I'm trying to experiment with CD4504B part to level translate from 3.3V to 15V.

The Vcc and inputs signals to the CD4504B come from a '28069M DSP (5V &3.3V respectively).

 The Vdd for the CD4504B will be 15V from a SMPS. 

1.  Is there a better part available to accomplish 3.3V to 15V level translation which can fit to F28069M?

2.  Is there an issue or limitation with the CD4504B that i should be aware, as its very old IC family.

3. What will the approximate output current using these voltage translations.



  • Hello Rishi,
    The recommended operating voltage range for this device is 5V to 18V (page 3 of the datasheet).

    You could use another device to translate from 3.3V to 5V, then from 5V to 18V.

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