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  • hi,

    I am looking to work USB2.0 transceiver TUSB2251.

    But am unable to get how to use that ic.

    If any one have application note are manual for this, please provide  that information .

    Thank you in advance

  • For my final project at University I am trying to design an ultrasonic unit to measure distance using the TL851 (TI) to solve all digital issues with the microcontroller LM3S3748 (TI). For creating the time base I am using a Ceramic Resonator from Murata ZTB455 (455kHz), during the first test of the device with the oscilloscope it shows that the Cristal creates a lot of noise and a distortioned wave signal, which additionally creates in the OSC output an awful and noisy response (After the internal Oscillator of the TL851 -with INIT=1, BLNK=BINH=0-). After reading a lot of material in the web related to Ceramic Resonator and I2L logic I started to create an interface compose by Resistors and Capacitors to reduce the distortioned signal produced in the Resonator and to eliminate noise. After weeks of work and testing different RC configuration I achieved my best in the OSC output of the TL851 acquiring a square signal of 97.1kHz to 96.6kHz (Which is according with the Ceramic Resonator specification -0.5%-) but the amplitude of the square signal is of Vpp=96/86mV with a Duty Cycle of 75% approximately, which in my opinion it is a unusual response (Because the Datasheet of the TL851 does not mention nothing except by some information about Ioh) and this kind of response is not enought good to reach my application requirement.

    Additional Information: - Vxtal1 to Gnd and Vxtal2 to Gnd show a sinusoidal signal of 433kHz (In spite of 455kHz) with different amplitude (One is 1/3 of the other aprox.). Vcc: 5.6Volts regulated by a LM317. Please, I will appreciate any help to go forward with my Final Project. Thanks.

  • Hi,

    I am looking for SDRAM device of 32M byte to intreface to contoller lm3s9b81. This controller operates with 80Mhz and SDRAM is suggeste dto operate with not more then 50 Mhz.

  • DS90LV028AQMA Datasheet confirmation:

    Mitsubishi asks the question about Operation Tem of DS90LV028AQMA.

    Please see Datasheet (Lierature # : SNLS299C / Oct, 14, 2008 rev)

    In Page1, There is operating temperature range : - 40℃ to +125 °

    But in page 5, There is operating temperature : - 40℃ - +85 °C.

    Could you teach us which is correct ?

    Thanks !

    Akihiro Kudo

  • Hi,

    I need power budget calculations procedure for RS485 Transmitter, RS485 Receiver and RS485 Transceiver communication Interface.

    If any one have, please provide that information.

    Thanks in advance.

  • hi......

    i am using ADS1299 for eeg acquisition and i am using MCP2210(usb-SPI converter) to interface with my pc.

    the problem is when i use ADS1299 eeg fe.exe software to test ADS1299 chip, after few second it show firmware load failed.

    MCP2210 is a HID Device it is Emulated  (i have seen in Device manager), and used its GPIO pins for CS,Start,PW,Reset initiation(conform it is set to correct value, i have tested the voltage levels)

    i need to know how to use this HID to interface between ADS1299 and my PC with  ADS1299 eeg fe.exe in place of MMB0  board ..

    please help....i am stuck a this place it is my final year project. plz Guided  

  • Hello Sir,

    I am working on Water purifier project. But in MSP430G2553 has on internal EEPROM, so I want the code to read and write 24C02 EEPROM using MSP430G2553 mcu. Please help me

  • hii..

    i want to use a 4 wire RTD ,(PT100) in a wheatStone bridge. can any one tell me how can i do it ?

  • Needing legacy driver for a TSB12LV21 REV. A, IEEE-1394 FireWire Host Controller used in a XP Pro.

    I believe a Rev B card is still in service but did not know if that driver would run the Rev A card.

    I do not have either driver at present.

    Kind Regards,


  • Regarding to DS80PCI800 , 8 channel repeater driver to enhance the reach of PCI express serial links in board-to-board.

    but  there are two terminals  A side and B side on the main board, which location is right for putting  DS80PCI800? for example, side A , side B or middle of the A and B.


  • Hi,

    I would like to know the continous drain current of SN74CBT3125PWR.

    In its datasheet, it is mentioned in absolute maximum ratings that the continous channel current is 128 mA.

    shall i consider it for each channel? or else what is the single channel continous current of this part? and what is it they mentioned as continous channel current?

    Please reply as soon as possible.


    Vasanthan N

  • helloooo

    my project is to design and ECG-FE using the ads1198 chip for 12 lead......all know that we have 8 channel in it...and we have 10 std. electrodes for 12 lead the thing is we want to take 2 ads1198 for 12 lead ....but i want to use 16 channels nd for that i have to take 2 ads1198 nd have to do interfacing between them to get 12 lead plzzz tell to  me is it possible to do the interfacing btween two ads1198 and after that with microcontroller if u get my point and have any idea about it so plzzzzplzzz tell to me