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ISO7841: Safety isolation test report for ISO784xDWW

Part Number: ISO7841

We would like to use ISO784xDWW device in unit tested according to EN61010-1, however we do have some problems with understanding ISO784xDWW isolation rating. In the datasheet it is written that DWW package is rated for over-voltage category IV for mains voltage <=1000Vrms. And in available certificate from TUV maximum reinforced isolation working voltage is specified as 1000Vrms. However in TUV certificate no over-voltage category is mentioned.

Comparing some test voltage levels from the data sheet and figures from TUV certificate with requirements from the standard we and our certification house have some doubts if  CAT IV or CAT III at 1000Vrms reinforced insulation is possible.

Also in data sheet creepage/clearance distance for the part is declared as >14.5mm, however for CAT III and 1000Vrms working voltage distances for pollution degree 1 should be >16mm (however this can be solved with the potting or similar tricks)

Does anybody know where to get complete TUV test report number 72112853-100 to see how they really tested this part, with which voltage levels/wave shapes and what are correct ratings?

If TI is not willing to share this test report with us, can test report be send directly to our certification house?

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