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ISO3080: ISO3080 connected for half duplex?

Part Number: ISO3080

Hello all.

We have an application here that mainly uses a slow speed (115kbps) half-duplex long-length RS485 connection. ISO3082 fits perfectly to this applicatiion, however there are cases where it is require to have full-duplex operation using the same board it is allowed to have to modify some jumpers). At first glance, it seems that, by using an ISO3080 I could have both modes using the same chip. I.e.:

a) ISO3080 full-duplex connection: pin14 =A, pin 13 =B, pin 12 = Z, pin 11 = Y.

b) ISO3080 half-duplex connection: pin 14 connected to pin 11 is A, pin 13 connected to pin 12 is B.

Curiously, connection b) is not mentioned in the datasheet. Will it work anyway?

Thank you in advance