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ISO1540: about ICC1 and ICC2

Part Number: ISO1540


I am checking the current consumption of the device.
I saw variations in the current consumption of the data sheet, but there is no MIN data.
Is there data on the following conditions indicated in yellow?
Also, is there data when VCC1 and VCC2 are 3.3V?

Later, the difference between ICC1 and ICC2 is large. Is there a reason? The internal block does not seem to have such a large difference between VCC 1 side and VCC 2 side.

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    We usually cannot guarantee a minimum current consumed by the device but in any operating mode the current consumed stays below the MAX specified in the data sheet. Was just curious to understand why minimum current consumption parameter is a concern? any specific system case?

    The first section of 'Supply current characteristics' (3 V ≤ VCC1, VCC2 ≤ 3.6 V) holds good for VCC1=VCC2=3.3V

    The current difference is due to few internal circuitry on side 1 for bidirectional operation.

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    Thank you for answering.
    It is used in the power storage system. The battery is the power supply.
    It is necessary for the power storage system to know the variation in the power consumption of the circuit connected to the main power supply.
    Guarantee of MIN value is not necessary. However, I want to know how much MIN should be assumed.

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    Hi Kaji,

    Sorry for the delay in response,

    In below table I have mentioned the approximate minimum current consumption of the device,

    VCC   ICC(mA)
    3.6 ICC1 2.1
    ICC2 1.6
    5.5 ICC1 2.4
    ICC2 1.9

    These are approximate values and are not guaranteed. A very small percentage of the devices will show this minimum current consumption and most parts will consume the typical current as mentioned in datasheet.



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    Thank you for your reply.
    I appreciate your response.