SN6501: ESD protection

Part Number: SN6501

I am using  SN6501 transformer driver in a power supply design .

But this is the one that failed first on ESD test. The ESD test is using  15kV air discharge . 

 Is there any specific application to protect this device ?. 

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  • Hi Sandhya,

    To understand the system better, can you please share some more details,
    1) ESD test setup details.
    2) Schematic/ Block diagram of the system explaining the Earth connection and point of discharge.

  • In reply to Tejas Hommaradi:

    1. Used floating laptop charger followed by dc-dc isolation and regulator to power up this IC. ESD test is done with 15kV air discharge.
    2. there is no earth ground connected to system , but some how it finds path to earth ground.

  • In reply to SANDHYA KUNDRAPU:

    Hi Sandhya,

    Thanks for the information, My apologies I am still not completely clear with the system setup, does your system looks something like below block diagram? 

    Please share a similar block diagram of your system for better understanding. (Please attach the block diagram using rich format ->  'attach' option). 

    Usually the ESD stress are referenced to protective earth of the facility, the ESD stress current tries to find a return path to this protective earth. So can you please try and share some more details regarding the ground path.