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ISO1050: cascading isolated can transceiver

Part Number: ISO1050


is it possible to build a CAN bus isolator by cascading 2 (or more) iso1050 components ?

Will something like this work ?

My first attempt failed


  • Hi Vince,

    This Configuration may cause a raise around condition, let me check in detail and get back to you on this.
    Meanwhile can you please share application details and isolation requirement? also can you please briefly explain what you tried and what are your observations.

  • In reply to Tejas Hommaradi:


    Isolatation requirements is 4000V (Medical device).

    I simply tried the schematics drawn in the first post and I observed a sort of signal-looping.

    I discussed with an old skilled electronic engineer and he showed with this could not work.It seems I need at least of MCU (or something like that) between hte 2 isolators..

    Can you confirm ?

    Best regards


  • In reply to Vincent Daanen:

    Hi Vincent,

    Yes thats correct, you need at least a MCU between 2 isolators for this to work and avoid signal-looping.

    On other hand, you may look at isolating the signal between MCU and CAN bus as below,

    please let us know if you have any further question.