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ISO1212: Part recomendation

Part Number: ISO1212

Hi Colleagues,

Do we have a road map for a part similar to the ISO121x in a 3 or 4 input channel variant? I'm particularly interested in the 60V rating and IEC 61131-2 compliance. 

A suggestion for output modules (rather than input) would also be great, something working with a nominal 18V-36V range, but able to handle 60V transients.

Kind Regards,

Carlos S.

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  • Hi Carlos,

    We currently do not have a plan to do 3 or 4-channel input variant. The 2-channel variant ISO1212 actually helps customer design their system much more efficiently than a 4-channel device with respect to component placement / routing in PCB, thermal performance and modular design. Please refer to ISO1212EVM that implements 8 channels on a small PCB. Very good field current regulation of ISO121x enables very efficient operation avoiding big high watt resistors and resulting into a compact modular design.

    Thanks for your suggestion for the output module device, I will let you know if we decide to do digital output isolator. Thanks.

    Koteshwar Rao