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Isolated RS485 driver IC

Hi All,

Doing RS485 daisy chain test for transfer data more than 500 meters, system has one master(MSP430F5329)  to 11 (TMS320F28062)slaves, master to 1st slave RS485 cable length is 1meter and 2nd to 3rd has more than 20 meters RS485 cable length like that reaming also. 

my problem is mater to 7 slaves up to 120 meters RS485 signal voltages are fine (>4.5v) as per RS485 driverIC ISO3082, after increasing  length of RS485 length it's going to less than 4.5v , also device is running but don't want to take risk.

Can any body suggest RS485 signal voltage levels less than 3v supported driverIC, other wise I/P voltage is greater than 5v means 12v or 18v and output side(RS485 signal voltage) 5v.