ISO7242C-Q1: ISO7442C-Q1 Pin status & Enable

Part Number: ISO7242C-Q1

Dear Digital lsolators team 

We will use to design ISO7242C for CAN Transfer isolators

1. How to not used pin which is input and output status pin

    is it Open or Low(GND)?

2. Why is use without pull-up resistor for Enable Pin?

3. Can I get information which is current spec on Enable pin? 


Best Regards

Gerald Choi

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  • Dear Gerald,

    I am not sure if I understand all your questions, I will still try to answer.

    1. Did you mean to ask if the input / output pin is not used, you want to know if you should leave it OPEN or connect to GND?
    If this is your question, then the answer is - connect input pins to GND and output pins OPEN.

    2. Did you mean to ask why ISO7242 is used without pull-up resistor for Enable pin?
    Enable pin has internal pull-up resistor to enable outputs when there is no pull-up resistor connected. The internal pull-up is weak, I recommend to connect an external pull-up resistor of 4.7kΩ to have the pin pulled HIGH strongly for better immunity to noise.

    3. Did you mean to ask what is the current consumption of Enable pin?
    This is going to be between -10µA to +10µA.

    Koteshwar Rao