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ISO1540: about hot swap of ISO1540

Part Number: ISO1540

HI dear supporting team,

is ISO1540 supporting hot swap function? if not, is there any chip in same package that support it? tks!

  • Hi Vera,

    The answer to this depends on the end application and the implementation. If you can share more details of the system, our team will be glad to work with you on this - please feel free to contact us with any additional details.

    Thank you,

  • In reply to Abhi Aarey:

    Hi Vera,

    I have some additional information for you below after some further discussion.

    If the end design has the mechanical connector in such a way that  the SDA/SCL pins are recessed compared to VCC2/GND2 pins, then what happens is that the supply pin Vcc2 has decent voltage  developed  before SDA2/SCL2  makes contact; in these type of designs there’s no issue.

    Since the connectors for I2C are not standardized,  it's theoretically possible to do the above.  Even a milli-second delay in SDA/SCL pins making contact after the supply pin (Vcc2), should give it a sufficient time to ramp up to a decent value. 

    I hope this helps! Please feel free to contact us for any further questions.

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