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ISO7721: ISO7721 connection

Part Number: ISO7721


I am now using ISO7721BDR isolator to isolate CAN communication.

What if I only connect INB to signal and float INA.

Does it will influence the communication quality and Chip service life.

Many thanks.  

  • Hi Zhengqing,

    INA & INB can independently be applied a signal or left floating as long as respective VCC is applied with valid power supply voltage per datasheet (VCC1 for INA & VCC2 for INB). This doesn't cause any impact on device performance or operating life. Please do note that when input is left floating, its respective output (OUTA for INA in your case) will assume the default state as stated in table 2 (Function Table) of ISO7721 datasheet. Thanks.

    Koteshwar Rao