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ISO7331FC: missing package / recommended footprint drawing in datasheet

Part Number: ISO7331FC


I could not find a package and/or a recomended footprint drawing in the datasheet (as opposed to most other TI datasheets I am familiar with) or anywhere else on the TI website (there is a generic 'DW0016' package document but that only has a 3d drawing and a refers to the datasheet for package details...)

So, where can I find a detailed package drawing and a recommended footprint drawing for this device?


  • Hi Ran,

    Thank you for reporting us about the package drawing missing in datasheet for ISO7331FC, I will reach out to the respective team to get this fixed. Meanwhile you can referred to ISO7731F datasheet for the package diagram and recommended footprint diagram.

    Please note that ISO7731F is pin compatible to ISO7331FC and is a new generation device with significant performance improvement with respect to most performance parameters. If this is your new design development, I would recommend using ISO7331F over ISO7331FC. If you have already used and tested ISO7331FC in your application and your are happy with the performance than you can always choose to go with ISO7331FC. Thanks.

    Koteshwar Rao
  • In reply to Koteshwar Rao:

    Hi Koteshwar Rao,
    Both, for the link to teh package info, and, for letting me know about the ISO7731F, as it is a new design, I will switch over.