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I'm interesting to the performance of integrated isolated power in ISOW7841F.

The operating temp. of ISOW7841F is -40degC to +125degC  in datasheet.

Is the operating temp. listricted by integrated isolated power performance ?

In case of using ISOW7841F at lower temp. than -40deg.C,  How such a thing can occur?

I want to know the fail mode. 

If it's possible, I want use the ISOW7841F at -45deg.C to -55deg.C.

  • Hi,

    Thank you for using the ISO E2E forum!

    Our team is already looking into this request and is specifically reviewing the cold temperature performance data.
    Please give us a couple of days next week to analyze this and get back to you quickly on whether this can be supported or not.

    Meanwhile, to help the team to fully understand this, is there any additional detail that you can share with us please?
    Can you please let us know what is the end application ? A simplified block diagram will also help too, if possible.

    Thank you,

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    Thank you for your reply.

    I'm so sorry to delay my reply.

    I look forward to you getting the good result.

    >Can you please let us know what is the end application ?

    Now, I can not mention the end application, because we use ISOW7841F in development product.

    In the furture, we hope to use it in High reliability  product. So, we hope that  ISOW7841F is upgrated to EP level product.

    >A simplified block diagram will also help too, if possible.

    We do not use the digital isolation portion in ISOW7841F.

    We use the integrated power supply portion only.

    We want small,  isolation and PCB mounting available DCDC conveter.

    So, we use ISOW7841F as the best one for our requirement.

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    Thank you for showing interest in ISOW7841F to use it for EP application and for explaining the way you want to use ISOW7841F.
    Regarding your question on whether ISOW7841F can be used for -55C of ambient temperature, like it is described in datasheet currently the device doesn't support -55C but we can discuss further on how we can help you use the device at -55C.

    I would like to discuss more about this in detail over email with you, can you please confirm if I can reach out to you over the email that you have used for your myTI profile? Once you confirm, I can share more details. Let me know, thanks.

    Koteshwar Rao
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    Thank you for  your reply and suggestion.

    I hope to discuss more detail wih email

    I confirm to use the email in myTI.