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ISO7521C: Is there any application that is suitable to use ISO7521 than ISO7821?

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Part Number: ISO7521C

Hi Team,

My customer replaced ISO7521C to ISO7821 in his application because of the following latch issue.
e2e.ti.com/.../1585866 OOK#1585866

The issue was previously solved however my customer wants to know if there is any application that is suitable to use ISO7521 than ISO7821.
They wants to know it for feature reference of their design.

Best Regards,
Yaita / Japan disty

  • Hi Yaita,

    Thank you for using E2E Forum.

    ISO7521C is one of our older family of digital isolators. TI has released two latest OOK based reinforced isolator families about 2 years ago, ISO78xx and ISO77xx. These two device families address requirements of most applications and there isn't any application where ISO7521C alone can work.

    ISO78xx is a high performance high isolation voltage device whereas ISO77xx is a performance and cost optimized family of devices. Hence I recommend you to use ISO77xx for most of your application requirements.

    For details on the architectural differences between edge-based isolators and OOK devices, please refer to the App Note below. Thank you.


    Koteshwar Rao