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ISO7241C: ISO7241 for SDA

Part Number: ISO7241C

Hi Sirs,

Sorry to bother you.

We saw SDA of TPS2388 is 2pins (SDAI and SDAO). Can we use the normal isolator like ISO7241?

Because there have similar topic in another forums, looks need use iso1540.


But TI FAE release the reference schematic for us, that is use ISO7241C.

48 Ports PSE + MSP430.pdf (attachment removed)

So it's let us confuse.

Could you help check it?


  • Hi Shu-Cheng,

    Thank you for using E2E Forum and for your interest in ISO7241.

    I went through the E2E post that you are referring to and also the schematic that you have attached which is provided by TI. Please note that ISO7241 is a digital isolator with unidirectional channels and the channels cannot be converted to bidirectional by connecting them back-to-back, as described in the E2E post that you have referred.

    As mentioned in the schematic, the digital isolator can be used with additional external components to convert two unidirectional channels to one bidirectional channel. Please refer to the below document that talks about implementing I2C channels using digital isolators.


    Please also note that ISO7241 is one of our older family of devices, I would recommend using ISO7741 (or anything from ISO77xx family) for most of your isolation requirements. Let me know if you have any other questions, thank you.

    Koteshwar Rao