ISO1541: power consumption

Part Number: ISO1541

hi could you please let me know the minimum current consumption with a standard I2C communication?

when we have 3.3V on both VCC pin?



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  • Hi Kamal,

    The minimum current consumption for ISO1541 at 3.3V operation would be in the range of typically 2.1mA on side1 and 1.7mA on side2.
    These current values are when the pull up resistors and bus capacitances/loads are not present and the I/O pins are shorted to their respective grounds.

    The current consumed during I2C communication would additionally depend on the pull up values and bus capacitance on your system and also on the data rate at which the communication is happening.

    Could you please share these details with us to get a better current estimate for your system?

    Anand Reghunathan