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ISO7842: radiated emission levels

Part Number: ISO7842


what are the radiated emission levels of digital isolators? My customer has some customer specific product requirements which are much lower than EN 55016-2-3. The limit goes as low as 4dBµV/m for the range of frequency.

BR Martin

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  • Hi Martin,

    I am not very familiar with the EN55016-2-3 standard.
    We have done emissions testing on our digital isolators according to CISPR22 and CISPR25 standards. Digital isolators show almost noise floor for both of these tests. The antenna is kept at 10m from DUT for CISPR22 and 1m from DUT for CISPR25. The frequency sweep is from 30MHz to 1GHz. Is the EN55016-2-3 similar to these standards?

    Anand Reghunathan