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ISO7241M: UL Marking on Part?

Part Number: ISO7241M

The end of the E File for Underwriters Labs on PN: ISO7241MDWR indicates the part should be physically marked with the backwards UR for UL component marking.

I'm noticing there is no UL mark on the component. Should there be?

  • UL and other certification agencies allow the mark to be placed on the smallest shipping container if it can't be placed directly on the component due to small size limitations. We place our certification marks on the packing material of these products. Our production facilities are inspected by UL and other agencies several times a year to make sure that we're compliant with these requirements. So, go ahead and use Texas Instruments products with utmost confidence.

    Saleem Marwat

    Systems Engineer

    Isolation Products, Texas Instruments

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    Thank you Saleem!