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ISO7721DEVM: EMI test report needed

Part Number: ISO7721DEVM


Are there some radiated and conducted emission test reports available for ISO7x products, since I can't find this kind of report in the offical website. I have customers interested in the EMI performance. 


  • Hi Leo,

    We have done emissions testing on our digital isolators according to CISPR22 and CISPR25 standards. Digital isolators show almost noise floor for both of these tests. The antenna is kept at 10m from DUT for CISPR22 and 1m from DUT for CISPR25. The frequency sweep is from 30MHz to 1GHz.

    Please let us know if customer is looking for standards other than CISPR22 and CISPR25. Also, please let us know which standard is customer looking at for conducted emissions and we can discuss.