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SN6501-Q1: Efficiency and behavior at fault

Part Number: SN6501-Q1


I am considering the operation of SN6501-Q1 and I have some questions.

(1) When Load Current is small, efficiency of VIN = 5 V is worse than VIN = 3.3 V.
Is this the difference in operating frequency affected?
Is there a way to improve efficiency at VIN = 5V?

(2) If the LDO is series-connected, will the SN6501-Q1 break or reach the absolute maximum rating even if the secondary side current stops output due to overcurrent or the like?
(It is assumed that the LDO stops with overcurrent detection)

(3) Assume the case where VIN is fixed at 5 V and used.
What is the behavior of VOUT when VIN rises or falls with respect to 5 V due to malfunction?
Does VOUT output incomplete voltage? Or will VOUT stop completely?

VIN: 5V or 5V to 16 V
VOUT: 5V or 3.3V
Vout accuracy: ±5%
IOUT: 1mA to 40mA

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