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ISO1050: Could you kindly help to check some issues about ISO1050DUB of VCC2 ?

Part Number: ISO1050


Could you kindly help to check some issues about VCC2?

From datasheet we can see the num of VCC2 is 4.75-5.25V, and the Max num is from -0.5 to +6V.

And the design condition as follows:

1,we use the power module(5V-5V-1W) to power VCC2 of ISO1050DUB.

2,The output voltage of power module will be influenced by the power consumption of IOS1050DUB.

   If the current is lower than 20mA, the output of power module is higher than 5.25V or 5.35V, and even 5.5V. 

   But the output voltage will not exceed to 6V.

Based on the design conditions, we need to confirm the below issues:

1, Whether will it damage ISO1050DUB if the VCC2 is higher than 5.25V and lower than 6V, and is there any influence about the performance of ISO1050DUB?

2, Is there any zero power consumption of situation about ISO1050DUB except for no power?

3, Do you have the  test result or graph of power consumption from power on to keep working? 

Pls. kindly help us!


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Luck Wu


  • Dears:

    Pls. refer the PN of Power, and the schematic diagram as attachment.


    Pls. kindly help to give some suggestions.

    Thanks a lot!

    Best regards

    Luck Wu

  • In reply to Lian Wu:

    Hi Luck Wu,

    Please find my responses below.

    1) The device will not get damaged if the voltage is below the abs max rating (6V). But between 5.25V and 6V, the datasheet parameters may be violated by some of the parts. We do not test our parts for functionality/parameters at voltages beyond the recommended maximum voltage (5.25V).

    2) I am assuming that you are asking about the power consumption on the CAN side of the ISO1050. The minimum current consumption after the CAN side is powered ON is 8mA to 12mA when the CAN lines are in the recessive state.

    3) Could you please clarify the question? Is this supply voltage ramp vs current consumption plot on the CAN side?

    Regarding the power section schematic that is attached. Since this is not a TI part, I won't be able to review the schematic/design of the power section. If you are interested, we have an alternative solution, SN650x which can be used to generate isolated power for the CAN side. Let me know if any additional details are required regarding the alternative solution.

    Anand Reghunathan