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ISO7241M: ISO7241M

Part Number: ISO7241M

I am using  the ISO7241M with success but now I need an ISOxxx with the EN-1 negated ( The OUT-D enebled with LOW instead of HIGH)

Is there  one ?

Thank you for your help.


  • Hi Paolo,

    I understand that you want to enable the output by applying a LOW to the EN pin instead of applying a HIGH to the EN pin.
    At present, we do not have a device that is capable of doing this without additional circuitry. The existing devices in combination with an inverting buffer can be used to achieve this.

    Could you please share some additional details about why this is required for your system? I may be able to help you out with a better solution if I can get an idea of why this is required.


    Anand Reghunathan
  • In reply to Anand Reghunathan:

    Hi Anand,

    thank you very much for your reply.

    Really the problem is that we made an error in the proget of this board forgotten to insert an inverting buffer on the EN-1 pin of the ISO7241MDW

    to disable the DOUT of the device when it is not selected by the Chip Select comming out from the QSPI of the microcontroller.

    To resolve the problem I alredy tried to inset a SN74LVC1G04DVB between the Chip Select, active LOW, an the EN-1 of the ISO and all is working fine.

    To avoid the reworking procedure on the esixisting card I am looking for a less expensive solution using a compatible chip having the inverting enable signal

    but i did't find it.

    This is the reason of my enquiry.

    Thank you again.


    Paolo Ziveri.


  • In reply to paolo ziveri:

    Hi Paolo,

    Thank you for explaining. Unfortunately we don't have a device with the EN active Low feature.

    Anand Reghunathan