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ISO7841: ISO7841 isolation creepage/clearance distance

Part Number: ISO7841

The data sheet say the clearance and creepage distance >8mm, I'd like to know what's the number for the minimum? in my application it is preferred to keep 9mm distance. Thanks,

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    Thank you for the question and your interest in the ISO78xx series of isolators. The external clearnace and creepage of the ISO7841 is limited by the package of the device and the layout of the board. So for the DW package, the minimum creepage and clearance is 8mm. If you look at footnote (1) on page 8 of the ISO7841 datasheet you'll see that certain techiques such as inserting grooves, ribs, or both on a printed circuit board can be used to increase these specifications. You could also consider using the DWW package to increase external clearance and creepage.

    For more details, you can check out the Digital isolator Design Guide.

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