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ISOW7841: ISOW7841 Output Voltage Problem.

Part Number: ISOW7841

Dear TI Team.

There is a problem with the output voltage since ISOW7841 design.

The spec used is as follows. (Only Power Line / Data lines are not used.)

Vin : 5V

Vout : 3.3V

Load : 20mA under

Issue : The problem is that output voltage is about 2V.

Can the Cap between VCC and Viso affect?

Can you review the circuit?

  • Hi Chun,

    Could you please tell me what did you mean by "only power line / data lines are not used.
    The cap between VCC & VISO shouldn't cause any issues, could you please confirm the value of this cap?

    Does the issue happen only on one board or did you see it on multiple boards? Did you try testing the circuit without all the ferrite beads, BLM18PG221SN1? If not please check if removing them helps. Thanks.

    Koteshwar Rao