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ISO7821: Isolation barrier lifetime for frequencies greater than 60Hz

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I refer to Figure1 and Figure2 of ISO7842.
The frequency condition of this data is "Stress-voltage frequency=60Hz".

Is it possible to provide data at frequencies other than 60Hz, for example, high frequency of 60Hz or more?

Is there a difference in life span between 60Hz and high frequency other than 60Hz?

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  • Hi Cafain-san,

    Since this is an important question and is frequently asked, I have split your E2E post into a new one so that other E2E users can find the answer easily by searching the topic.

    Please find below the answer to your questions.

    1. The TDDB data of ISO7821FDWW is also tested for stress voltages with frequencies upto 10kHz and we do not see any degradation in lifetime performance of the isolator. The TDDB plots in Figure 1 & Figure 2 of ISO7841 datasheet are also equally applicable for frequencies upto 10kHz.

    2. Like it is mentioned in point (1), there is no difference in lifespan for frequencies upto 10kHz.

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