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ISO5500EVM: Not getting the input pwm signal at output side.

Part Number: ISO5500EVM

I am trying to drive a n-mosfet (30n60 IC) with ISO5500EVM. The issue is, I am not getting the control signal given to input put PIN (TP4) in the left side at output side .(Vout in the right side)

My connections are

left side
5 Volt between TP10 and TP9
control signal to TP4
TP3 and TP4 are connected to the ground

right side
S, D, and G points are connected to source , drain and gate of the mosfet. And a load is connected to the mosfet and 20 volts is given between the mosfet and the load.
15 Volt is given between TP12 and TP11

It would be really helpful if you could let me know the correct connections.