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ISO1050: How the galvanic isolation is actually created? Can you reveal anything about materials and structure?

Part Number: ISO1050

Dear Sir or Madam,

Datasheet mentions that there is a capacitive galvanic isolation and distance trough the insulation is 0.014mm. Now, I was wondering, could you reveal bit more detailed information about the structure that creates the actual isolation? To be more specific:

- How many isolation boundaries there really are? Just one or several? If there are several boundaries are they identical?  

- What is the material that creates the actual insulation? Kapton tape as in optocouplers OR glass OR vacuum OR something else?

- Do you have any kind of picture of the structure, you could share?

I am asking this because national certification agency states that ISO1050DW do not meet over voltage category III (OVCIII) in system voltage 300V if IEC 62477-1 considered...

(IEC 62477-1 is the successor of IEC 60950-1)