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ISO1176: Current consumption

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Part Number: ISO1176

Dear Technical Support Team,

I have question about current consumption of ISO1176.

Datasheet shows below.


①Does Icc1 includes all in/out(R/RE/D/PV/DE) of logic side?

②Does Icc2 includes all in/out(A/B/ISODE) of bus side?

③Is ISO1176's total current consumption Icc1+Icc2?

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  • Hi ttd, 

    1. Yes Icc1 it the total current for side 1 (R, RE, DE, D, PV)
    2. Yes Icc2 is the total current for side 2 (A, B, ISODE)
    3. Yes, total current for the device is Icc1+Icc2

    If this is for a newer design, I would recommend checking out our newest isolated half duplex RS-485 transceiver - the ISO1410. The supply characteristics of that device can be found on page 11 of the ISO1410 datasheet. 

    Best regards,