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SN6505B: Transformer driver with shorter soft-start delay and soft-start transition time than the SN6505B

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Part Number: SN6505B

I planned on using the SN6506B to drive a transformer in order to get a small amount of isolated power for a Vishay IR preamplifier .  I need the isolation that the transformer provides because of the sensitivity of the Vishay IR preamp (there is a 3 amp laser driver on the same board, I want to separate that driver's ground from the preamp's ground).

It is a battery powered operation .  I use a 3 volt Lithium battery.

The SN6505B is almost perfect for this application, except that I need to shut it down (which I can since it has an ENABLE pin) and wake it up quickly.  The soft-start time for this chip is too long though for my application.  I know all about the benefits of soft-start.

My questons:

1.  Can I reduce the soft-start time for the SN6506B?

2.  If not, is there another IC that is similar to the SN6505B but has much shorter (less than 500 us) soft-start time?

  • Hi Kenneth,

    While we don't have any version with slower soft start, we do have versions with no soft start at all. The SN6505D is the newest version that has no soft start and is available for sampling. There is also the SN6501 driver that doesn't have soft start.



  • In reply to Lucas Schulte9:


    Thank you .

    Does the 'D part have the same pinout and come in the same package as the 'B part?

    How can I get samples?  I need about 5.

    When will the part be available through distribution?

  • In reply to Kenneth Aquino:


    Yes the D variant comes in the same package and is the same pinout.

    For requesting samples, please go to the device's product page that I linked in my previous post and click the "Request now" link.

    Unfortunately I'm not able to comment on when these will be released to market on the public forum. We can discuss those details in an email discussion if you would like.