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SN6505B-Q1: The difference between SN6505B-Q1 and SN6505A-Q1

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Part Number: SN6505B-Q1

Hi team,

Nice to meet you by email. I am writing to ask the difference between SN6505B-Q1 and SN6505A-Q1. Because from below compare table, I didn't know their difference. Can you please tell me their difference?

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  • Hi Sophia,

    Thank you for posting this question! SN6505A and SN6505B are mostly the exact same parts; the main difference between them is their internal switching frequency as shown below. This allows for flexibility if emissions in certain frequency bands must be avoided as well as for transformer size and V-t product.

    This frequency difference results in a voltage and current slew rate differences between the two devices as well as an ~1mA supply current difference as shown in the SN6505 datasheet:

    Is this answer helpful? Please let me know if you have any follow up questions!

    Thank you for your time,
    Manuel Chavez