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ISOW7840: Impact of tied together multiple ISOW

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Part Number: ISOW7840


ISOW7840 can not be tied together according to following thread.


What is happen if the isolated supply of multiple ISOW7840s tying together?  Could it be led device damage?


  • Hi,

    When two device output supply pins (VISO) are connected together, we don't expect either of devices to be damage but the devices together will not be able to support increased current expected out of parallel connection.

    It is expected that any two ISOW devices will have VISO voltages slightly different from each other. The one that has higher voltage will make the other ISOW device turn OFF power supply. Due to this, only one ISOW will be supporting VISO voltage and hence the max current expected out of this device is same as ISOW datasheet spec for one device. Even though the power supply in the other device is turned OFF, the data isolation channels will still work as power is externally being received.

    Since connecting two ISOWs together doesn't give any benefit output current benefit, we do not recommend you to tying VISO output pins of multiple devices together. Hope this answers your question, thanks.

    Koteshwar Rao