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SN6505B: What is Ron @ TA=125℃?

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Part Number: SN6505B

Hello team,

Could you tell me typical value about the Ron @ TA=125℃?

Best regards,

  • Hi Ochi-san,

    R(ON) of SN6505 output switch has dependency on multiple factors like voltage, current, temperature & process. Hence, to quote a value at TA = 125C the values of other parameters would also be required.

    We expect the value of R(ON) to be the lowest at TA = 125C. If customer is interested in finding out the lowest R(ON) value then I can say that the lowest R(ON) value can be <0.16Ω. Let me know if this answers your question, thank you.

    Koteshwar Rao

  • In reply to Koteshwar Rao:

    Hi Rao-san,

    Do you mean that the minimum value of  R(ON) @ Ta=125℃ can be <0.16Ω? Or, do you mean that the minimum value of  R(ON) in all recommended operation range can be <0.16Ω?

    The customer considers the typical value of Ron @ TA=125℃.
    Could you tell me what values of other parameters are required to know Ron typ. @ TA=125℃? If it is possible to know them, I will send email to you after asking them to the customer.

    Best regards,

  • In reply to Yoshiki Ochi:

    Hi Ochi-san,

    The overall minimum value of R(ON) is going to happen when TA = 125C, hence the minimum value of R(ON) for TA = 125C and TA = -40C to 125C is going to be <0.16Ω.

    Like I mentioned earlier, this value also depends on supply voltage, drain current and temperature. We do not have characterization data for all voltage, current temperature values and hence it may not be possible to quote exact R(ON) value range for customer test conditions. I would recommend to use 0.16Ω as the value for TA = 125C assuming drain current of 1A.

    Do you know why does customer need this data? I do not think a small variation in this value is going to impact anything significantly. Let me know, thanks.

    Koteshwar Rao