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ISO1176: About current consumption max

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Part Number: ISO1176


Could you tell me about ISO1176 worst case current consumption?

1.Vcc=5V , Terminating resistor = 50ohm, sampling rate =20Mbps
 Customer wants to know the maximum current consumption for the above condition.

2.Could you check the attached file?
   In the case of this circuit, please tell me the maximum current consumption.
 Customer power supply decline is poor. Therefore, they want to know the maximum current consumption.


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  • Yusuke-san,

    While we on't have exact data for 20Mbps, we do have data for 25Mbps. At 54 ohm load, Icc1 + Icc2 is 86mA. A good rule of thumb would be to multiply this number by 1.5 to account for max current at max temperature.


    Lucas Schulte