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ISO7221A-Q1: 1Mbps signaling rate needed for CAN.

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Part Number: ISO7221A-Q1

Hi Champs,

Its Signaling rate is 1Mbps max.
A customer would like to use it with 1Mbps rate with an external CAN IC which has 1Mbps through put rate.

Is it no problem use ISO7221A-Q1 with no margin?

Thank you for your kind check.
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  • Hitoshi,

    The ISO7221A-Q1 should be able to handle 1Mbps. However, has the customer considered the ISO7721-Q1? It has 100Mbps max data rate, same pinout, and other improvements. 



  • Hi Hitoshi-san,

    ISO7221A-Q1 supports 1Mbps dataarte and hence meets CAN datarate requirement but I believe the propagation delay of ISO7221A-Q1 is on the higher side and might not meet the total loop delay requirement of 1Mbps CAN. Hence I think ISO7221A-Q1 will not support reliable 1Mbps CAN operation.

    ISO72xx is one of older family of digital isolators, though it meets common requirements of most applications it may not be the best to choose considering we have many other families released after ISO72xx. ISO77xx is one of our latest family of digital isolators that offers the optimum isolation and electrical performance. It also offers much better EMC performance compared to ISO72xx without impacting much on the cost of device.

    The ISO77xx family is available in many channel configurations (upto 6 channels in one device), many package options and all of the configurations are automotive qualified. I would recommend to use ISO7721-Q1 in place of ISO7221A-Q1.

    Alternatively, instead of using 2-chip solution customer can also choose to use single chip isolated CAN solution. ISO1042-Q1 is our latest isolated CAN transceiver that supports datarate upto 5Mbps. Let me know if you have any questions, thank you.

    Koteshwar Rao

  • In reply to Koteshwar Rao:

    Hi Koteshwar,

    Thank you so much for your kind confirmation.
    Let me introduce the reason and our recommended device must be ISO7221C-Q1 which is the latest.  ( I was not able to find ISO7221-Q1 )

    ISO1042-Q1 seems the best solution.
    Thank you for the info.

    Best regards,

  • In reply to Hitoshi Sugawara:

    Hi Hitoshi-san,

    Yes, ISO1042-Q1 should be the optimum solution as this integrates both isolation and CAN transceiver in a single chip.

    Regarding the 2-channel digital isolators, I would like to clarify that ISO72xx and ISO77xx are two completely different families. ISO72xx is an old family while ISO77xx is the latest digital isolator family. I was referring to ISO7721-Q1 to be recommended to customer and not ISO7221A-Q1 (please note the change in second digit of part number). You can also click the below part number and it will take you to device product folder where you can find all the information related to the device. Thanks.


    Koteshwar Rao