ISO1050: ISO1050 hot plug application

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Part Number: ISO1050


Our customer use ISO1050 for hot plug application, here is the schematic, one DC-DC is used for 24V to 5V, and then convert CAN_5V by isolated module.

He need hot pulg the power line, CANH and CANL during his application, and he found that some ISO1050 are damaged and the power is pulled lower.

There is only one node with the CAN bus. Could you please help to analysis? (Note:PESD1CAN is 24V)

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  • Hi Kailyn,

    Thank you for your post and for including a schematic of the ISO1050 setup. Which power supply is pulled lower: Vcc1 or Vcc2? Are all of the damaged ISO1050 damaged in the same way or showing the same behavior?

    Please let us know and the team will provide more detailed analysis during normal business hours on Monday.

    Have a great weekend,

    Manuel Chavez