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ISOW7842: Decoupling capacitors for V_CC and V_ISO

Part Number: ISOW7842

Hi team,

Please let me make sure below just in case.

Higher decoupling capacitors like 22uF than 10uF are no problem for V_CC and V_ISO?

Although, according to table 4 of the datasheet, 10uF is recommended as decoupling capacitors of V_CC and V_ISO.


Noriyuki Takahashi

  • Hi Noriyuki,

    The design example listed in Table 4 is an example and the 10µF decoupling cap is the minimum we recommend. To achieve better output ripple voltage at VISO, it is recommended to use 22µF as stated in the electrical characteristics table. Higher values of decoupling capacitors are generally good but it is better to keep both input (VCC) and output (VISO) decoupling capacitor values to be similar so that they respond to transients similarly.

    Koteshwar Rao