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ISOW7840: Only isolated DC/DC Converter

Part Number: ISOW7840

Hi, team.

Is there a product plan only for ISOW784x isolated DC / DC converter?

It is a product like ADM 5000. www.analog.com/.../adum5000.html

Regulation type is required, not unregulation.

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  • Hi Hirotsugu,

    Currently we do not have ISOW78xx like device that integrates only the DC/DC converter without the digital isolator. Currently we wouldn't be able to comment on whether we will be releasing a device with DC/DC converter alone or not, sorry about that.

    As an alternative, we also have 2-channel version device ISOW7821 where you can choose to use the DC/DC converter and leave the 2-channels unused. This would still be of the same footprint size as competition and achieve similar solution size. Let me know if this meets your requirements, thanks.

    Koteshwar Rao