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ISOW784x for higher than 5V isolated rail

Hi, I am planning on using this device as a gate driver for a small GaN converter.

However for the GaN Mos I am using, the gate voltages is suggested to be at about 6V: if I power Vcc at 5.5V (max operating voltage), and connect SEL to Viso, will the output be 5.5V too?

Thank you

  • Hi Marco,

    Thank you for showing your interest to use ISOW784x for your application. Since the output voltage of ISOW784x is closed-loop regulated, the output is going to be set to ~5V typically. The output can vary between 4.5V to 5.43V based on output load, temperature and sample-to-sample variation but in most cases and for most samples it will be very close to 5V. Hence the device cannot be used to generate 5.5V.

    I hope that answers your question. An alternative discrete but still compact solution would be the SN6505 based isolated power supply. Please have a look at SN6505A/B datasheet that uses simple push-pull transformer to generated isolated voltage keeping the design simple. Let me know if you have any other questions, thank you.

    Koteshwar Rao