SN6501: SN6501 SPICE model does not work!

Part Number: SN6501

Dear TI Engineers, 

The PSpice model for SN6501 components does't seem to be correct. when I open the .LIB file it shows random text. 

I am using LTspice to run some simulation and I need the correct device model. 

Let me know if you a method to use Spice model in a correct manner. 

Kind Regards, 


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  • Hi AJ,

    Thank you for choosing TI parts. The SN6501 PSpice model is encrypted, so after importing to LT Spice and attempting to simulate an error concerning "too few nodes" will display and the simulation will not run.

    Alternatively, a transient model optimized for TINA-TI can be found on the Tools and Software tab of the SN6501 product page and used with TI's free TINA-TI simulator. Found on the download page here.

    To use an unencrypted model in LT Spice, open your SPICE program and click File -> New Symbol
    Then drag the .LIB spice file into the new symbol window.

    The model will then appear as text. Scroll down to the first .SUBCKT line
    highlight the first model name after the ".SUBCKT" on the same line (in this case would be "SN6501_TRANS")

    Then right mouse click and select Create Symbol then click yes.

    My apologies for this incompatibility. Please let me know if using PSpice or TINA-TI instead doesn't work for you.

    Manuel Chavez

    Thank you to Michael DeSando for providing technical guidance on the forum thread here.

  • In reply to Manuel Chavez:

    The model did not work with LTspice, I use the same steps to import other model. This one does not work.

    I downloaded Tina TI and the component work with it. However, Tina Ti is very limited in functionality. for instance, How can the push pull transformer be modeled in Tina TI? 

    I can don't have access to a center tapped transformer from the primary and the secondary. In LTspice I can create any transformer by simply writing SPICE directive. In Tina TI, I do not have this option. 

  • In reply to Ameer Janabi:

    Hello AJ,

    Thank you for using TINA-TI. You are correct that the push-pull transformer may require a model which is not identical to a physical circuit; the TINA-TI Reference Design on the tools and software tab of SN6501's product page is a good starting point. I'm sorry for the delay, but please allow me 2-4 days to respond with an appropriate solution.

    TI's other models of the device are encrypted so a second option is modelling this device using discrete components, which won't show the device behavior but will provide the general functionality.

    Let me know which approach you prefer.

    Manuel Chavez

  • In reply to Manuel Chavez:

    Hi AJ,

    Hopefully you are well. I've requested an unencrypted model of the SN6501 to be made for you - I will follow up on this thread or via email - in case the approach you are looking to take for this simulation is still using an IC model.

    If time is a concern here, a discrete model can be built in LT Spice based on page 12's block diagram of the SN6501 datasheet - shown below.

    Please let me know if you need assistance with realizing the discrete sim in LT Spice. As mentioned earlier I will update this thread regarding the SN6501 model.

    Thank you for your time,
    Manuel Chavez