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ISO1042: The only benefit of SOIC16 package is the thermal performance?

Part Number: ISO1042


for ISO1042, the clearance and creepage for 8pin version is 8.5mm, for 16 pin is 8mm

I guess the only situation to choose SOIC16 version is when the customer is strict at thermal performance, right?

  • Hi Howard,

    Thanks for posting this question on E2E! Since all specs other than creepage/clearance and thermal resistances are identical in the SOIC8 and SOIC16 packages, the primary reasons to choose SOIC16 are due to thermal concerns or high operating ambient temperatures.

    Our team's ISO1042 expert is currently out of the office, but I will consult with him and post a more thorough response early next week.

    Thank you for your time,
    Manuel Chavez

  • In reply to Manuel Chavez:

    Hi Howard,

    For any new designs the isolation team recommends the 8-pin SOIC ISO1042. Although creepage/ clearance is greater for the 8-pin version, >8mm and >8.5mm are comparable. Therefore, the 16-pin SOIC can also be encouraged for systems which require dual sources on Vcc2 or already use a 16-pin transceiver - an industry standard ISOCAN package - to make upgrading designs easier. Since thermal resistances are meaningfully lower in the 16-pin package, it will also avoid point heating with its larger surface area and parallel paths out of the package.

    Hopefully this is insightful! If you have follow-up questions please feel free to reply.

    Have a great weekend,
    Manuel Chavez