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ISO7241A-EP: Which isolators will next come in Enhanced Products?

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Part Number: ISO7241A-EP

Dear TI Support Team,

for our current design, we would like to know which plans TI is following concerning the Digital Isolators as Enhanced products. Currently only 3 Digital Isolators are available as Enhanced Products. We would like to choose the right one for which it is planned to release an -EP version in the next 12-24 months. We are especially interested in the ISO7741/ISO7763 family and ISO7841 to replace the old and NRND ISO7241A-EP (which is really great that the anomally is clearly described in the datasheet, much better than discovering it afterwards! Thanks for this). We would then select a part reference and a packaging fitting the plans from TI, so that we can later switch to the -EP version.

Best regards